Digital sound level meter. Two different filter curves A or C and Fast or Slow sound recording. The A-filter corresponds to the human ear’s sensitivity to frequencies and is suitable for environmental sound measurements. The C-filter is linear and is ideal for inspecting machines. Fast sound recording is used when you want to see rapid sound peaks. The Slow mode gives a stable measurement result of sound that varies or pulses. The sound can be measured instantaneously or by giving a mean value over a selected time period, from 10 seconds to 24 hours. Integrated memory for 30 measurements, or the instrument can be connected to a PC to register the measurement values. Registration of max. value. Alarm function indicates via an LED when the sound level is above a set value. The number of measurement values that exceed the alarm value during the measurement period can be shown. Adjustable automatic or manual shut-off. Integrated calibration function 94 dB. Swedish user guide. Battery not included. Conforms to standard IEC 651 Type 2, ANSI 1.4 Type 2.
  • Manufacturer´s description: 7000
  • ETIM class code: EC011083
  • Noise level measurement range, max: 130dB
  • Noise level measurement range, min: 30dB
  • Noise level resolution: 0.1dB
  • Update rate "fast": 125ms
  • Update rate "slow": 1S
  • Frequency range, max: 12500Hz
  • Frequency range, min: 20Hz
  • Measurement periods: 10S, 1S, 5S, 15S, 30S, 8S, 24S
  • Memory slots: 30qty
  • Width: 63mm
  • Weight: 170g
  • No. of batteries: 4qty
  • Battery size: LR03 AAA (1.5 V)
  • Precision: ±1dB
  • Thickness: 26mm
  • Length: 236mm



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