• Product image IR THERMOMETER LIMIT 97, IP65
  • Product image IR THERMOMETER LIMIT 97, IP65
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Our new infrared thermometer Limit 97 is a solid and durable product. It uses infrared measurement with twin points that measure the temperature quickly and precisely. With an IP 65 classification, it can handle the toughest environments. You can set it to measure either °C or °F, as well as different materials and surfaces, memorize max and min temperatures and use it in dark spaces thanks to the LCD display and backlight. Battery 9V included.
  • Manufacturer´s description: 97
  • Measurement units: °C, °F
  • Temperature measurement range (IR), max: 650°C
  • Temperature measurement range (IR), min: -35°C
  • Temperature inaccuracy: 0°C - 100°C +1.8°C / 101°C - 650°C ±1.8%.< 0°C: ± (1.8°C+0.1 °C/°C)
  • High/low alarm: Yes
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
  • Ratio distance/measurement area: 12:1
  • Emission factor, max: 1
  • Emission factor, min: 0.1
  • Max. working temperature: 50°C
  • Work temperature, min: 0°C
  • Background lit Display: Yes
  • Enclosure class: IP 65
  • Shatter test: 3m
  • Width: 118mm
  • Height: 65mm
  • No. of batteries: 1qty
  • Battery size: 9 V (6F22)
  • Weight: 292g
  • Length: 189mm



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