With fine adjustment in the top holder. Holder with holes for indicator dial and dovetail slot for rocker indicator. Central locking with one knob for the bottom, middle and top joints. Magnetic base with V-slot in the bottom. Supplied without indicator dial. 11908-0257. With fine adjustment at the magnetic base.
  • Net weight: 1.9kg
  • Magnetic base width: 50mm
  • Height max: 330mm
  • Magnetic base length: 55mm
  • Magnet pulling force: 80kg
  • Securing hole diameter: 8mm
  • Dimension A: 70mm
  • Dimension B: 115mm
  • Dimension D: 55mm
  • ETIM class code: EC001195


  • Article No
  • Net weight
  • Magnetic base width
  • Height max
  • Magnetic base length
  • Magnet pulling force
  • Securing hole diameter
  • Dimension A
  • Dimension B
  • Dimension D
  • ETIM class code